Sales Professional
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Professional Selling is a workshop that provides a structured approach to business development from prospecting to close. Based on best practices applied by the world’s most successful sales teams, this workshop is guaranteed to help you make more money more easily and with less stress.

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Remote Selling will provide you with a structured approach to how to use technology to close more sales.


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Inside Selling provides you with a structured approach to selling to customers via the phone or through online technologies such as e-mail, instant messaging and web conferencing.

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Account / Key Account Management
Account Management

The Account Management workshop will provide you with a structured process to close more sales opportunities by keeping the focus on providing optimal value to your customers.

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The Strategic Key Account Management workshop is designed to provide account managers with the skills and resources to develop and sustain long-term strategic customer relationships for mutual growth, profitability, trust, loyalty, innovation and risk management

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Advanced Sales Workshop
online training

Virtual Instructor Led and Self Study)


We have noticed over the last year or two that our clients are finding it more difficult to take time from work for training. In response, we have built a series of blended learning programmes that involve weekly online briefings and self-study.

This method of delivery has several benefits:

·      Frees up time: You can study in your own time and attend an online briefing once a week.

·      Get more to grips with the learning: This approach allows you to work at your own pace and master each component before moving to the next.

·      Standardise learning: With this approach, salespeople can be added to the programme at any time. You also know they are all covering the same content.

·      Certification: Once the programme is completed (including assessments and assignments), delegates receive a certificate.

 ·      Opportunity for coaching: Apart from the briefings, we also offer you 1-1 coaching sessions that allow you us to help you adapt the learning to your unique experience.  

Remote learning

One on One Coaching


On-site Training



We deliver on-site training for teams of five or more people. Our in-house team of instructional designers are also able to customise according to your needs. Everything we build is designed to maximise learning. We combine modern accelerated learning methods with eighteen years of sales training experience.


Apart from the learning material, we provide three months access to our online resource centre as well as the opportunity to complete a final certification.

Persuasive Selling is an advanced workshop which will show you how to boost your sales effectiveness by applying scientific breakthroughs in our understanding of human behaviour and how we make buying decisions

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Persuasive Presentations is a workshop that will provide you with the confidence and tools you need to engage your audience, sell your ideas, and inspire people to act.