Sales Professionals

Whether you are in a contact centre, are responsible for new business, need to grow sales with existing clients or manage Key Accounts, we have a programme just for you. To help you get the results you need, you will also take home sales tools, job aids and self-study material. We do this because we believe learning is a journey not a single event.

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Professional Selling

This practical two day workshop is designed for sales professionals who are required to bring in new business as well as grow revenue from existing accounts. This foundational workshop will provide you with a structured approach to sales, from prospecting to close.


Professional Lead Generation

This advanced two-day workshop is designed to provide you with a “PROSPECTING SYSTEM” that will allow you to get in front of the right prospects in less time and create more selling opportunities without the pressure or anxiety associated with cold calling.


Inside Selling

This two day workshop will provide a structured approach to selling to customers via the phone or through online technologies such as e-mail, instant messaging and web conferencing.


Strategic, Key Account Management

This two-day workshop is designed to provide key account managers with the skills and resources to develop long-term strategic customer relationships.




Sales Leadership

If you are in a sales management position and would like a step by guide to creating a high performance team, we can help you. Our Sales Leadership Boot Camps are designed to help you make the shift from doing the sales yourself to getting even better results through others.

To help you develop your teams, we will provide you with valuable guides including how to hire, incentivise and coach your salespeople.


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Sales Management Boot Camp

This programme will benefit new and more experiences sales managers

Build the right environment for sales success. Learn how to identify, hire and develop top performers and manage meetings, pipelines and sales forecasts.


Sales Coaching Boot Camp

This programme is designed for team leads, sales coaches, sales managers and any other person who is in a position to coach sales performance.

Done properly, sales coaching leads to significant performance improvements. Coaching allows you to create a positive mind-set, reinforce sales skills and ensure consistency in implementation



Persuasive Selling

Persuasive Selling is a series of programmes that combine specific sales skills with powerful persuasive techniques and language patterns. The programmes are designed for those who have the appropriate sales, management or business experience or have attended one or more of our workshops.

The reason we call them programmes is we believe learning is a process, not a single event. For this reason each workshop includes the learning guide, sales tools, job aids and self-study material.


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Persuasive Selling

If you are struggling to close your sales and don’t quite understand why, you want to attend this workshop.

Learn how to influence people and create change, use the right words to effectively deal with customer concerns and negotiate a solution that benefits both you and your customers.


Persuasive Writing

If you want to improve your writing skills and increase sales by persuading people to take action, this programme is for you.

Communicate in writing in a way that guarantees results. Use words and phrases that have been proven to generate specific responses and quickly and efficiently create powerful e-mails, web-sites, proposals etc.


Persuasive Presentations

A well-crafted presentation delivered professionally can help you get access to key decision makers, influence thinking, differentiate yourself from your competitors and close more sales.

This programme will give you the confidence and tools you need to engage your audience, sell your ideas, and inspire people to act.



Online Training

Blended Programmes (Virtual Instructor Led and Self Study)

We have noticed over the last year or two that our clients are finding it more difficult to take time from work for training. In response, we have built a series of blended learning programmes that involve weekly online briefings and self-study.

This method of delivery has several benefits:

  • Frees up time: You can study in your own time and attend an online briefing once a week.
  • Get more to grips with the learning: This approach allows you to work at your own pace and master each component before moving to the next.
  • Standardise learning: With this approach, salespeople can be added to the programme at any time. You also know they are all covering the same content.
  • Certification: Once the programme is completed (including assessments and assignments), delegates receive a certificate.
  • Opportunity for coaching: Apart from the briefings, we also offer you 1-1 coaching sessions that allow you us to help you adapt the learning to your unique experience.

How the blended learning works

Register for the programme

On registration you get full access to the online learning platform. You will have access to the portal for a period of three months.

You are also allocated a learning coach.


Attend Online briefings and self-study

On a specified day of the week, you will be attend a 1 ½ hour online briefing. All briefings are recorded.

The portal contains additional learning material. You also have access to three 1-1 coaching sessions.

Complete your certification

The final certificate is subject to completing a series of assessments and assignments within the allotted three month period. This includes practical work.




Price Incl Vat

Certificate in Professional Selling

This in-depth 8 week assisted self-study programme will provide you with a structured approach to business development from prospecting to close. Based on best practices applied by the world’s most successful sales teams, this programme is guaranteed to help you make more money more easily and with less stress.

8 weeks


Certificate in Strategic Key Account Management

This in-depth 8 week assisted self-study learning programme will provide you the skills and resources to develop and sustain long-term strategic customer relationships for mutual growth, profitability, trust, loyalty, innovation and risk management Build a prospecting system that brings in new opportunities on a consistent basis.

8 weeks


Certificate in Sales Management and Coaching

This in-depth 10 week blended-learning programme will provide you
with the skills and resources you need to turn your salespeople into
a dynamic and self-motivated team of high performing individuals.

10 weeks


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