The Podcaster and the Rottweiler – a journey into the unknown

I often get requests for podcasts and MP3s of our content that people can listen to while driving.

With this in mind, my good friend and business partner David Watts from trekked to  the “farm” – a beautiful bush-veld type small-holding in Pretoria East to start our journey into podcasting.

Our aim with these podcasts is to share our experiences and challenge you to also give it a go.

Technology is playing more and more of a central role in prospecting – statistically you now have a 1 in a 100 chance of closing a sale through a cold call. Social media, blogs and podcasts have become important tools in getting potential client’s attention.

I particularly enjoy this medium as it is effectively a recording of two people having a conversation.

Here is what we learnt from Episode 1:

It sounds as good as you look

It is not an expensive exercise to generate quality sound: On our way to Pretoria we stopped in at Mitech Direct in Midrand – You cannot believe all of the equipment they have available. I bought something called a Snowball Ice because the box said you will “sound as good as you look.” This cost me just under R1 000. We did the recording on a software product called Audacity which is a free download. If you want more detail on the technicalities go to David’s post at or listen to the podcast.

Once you get going it’s a lot of fun: In the podcast we talk about how fear of what other people will think holds us back and discuss how you can overcome this. Added to this, Audacity has some amazing tools that turn your voice into radio quality. You won’t believe you sound so good. After a few hick-ups and at take three, we really relaxed and this podcast is the result.

This is Shika


Don’t do a recording when there is a Rottweiler around: You will hear in the beginning, I start to giggle. That is because while I am trying to introduce myself, a large Rottweiler decided to stick its rather large head in my crotch. We decided not to start the recording again, partly because this was our third take and we were hungry and partly because it’s being authentic that makes podcasting so appealing.

Here is our challenge:

We all have something important to share and there are people out there who need to hear your message. You can start podcasting with minimal equipment – why don’t you give it a go. If you need help, e-mail me on

I can’t wait for the next instalment where I will be interviewing David (who is a radio DJ) amongst other things on how to improve on your vocal quality. David has really helped me in this area and he offers practical advice you can implement immediately.

Listen to the podcast below.

I look forward to your feedback.




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