Redefining the job

In the last episode of New Amsterdam (one of my favourite hospital series at the moment), Dr Max Goodwin, the Medical Director has been tasked with finding people that are being paid by the hospital, but their jobs are obsolete. 

He comes across a gentleman in the basement whose job it is to take old-fashioned x-rays.  Max askes “So when last did you take an x-ray?” He replies “give or take 2008.” 

When Max asks him what he has he been doing all this time he answers: “just waiting in case someone needs an x-ray”. Max goes on this journey to find these people new jobs, jobs as he says where they can feel fulfilled again.

This got me thinking about the poll I put on our facebook page last week: “Do you think Telemarketing is dead?” 73% said YES and only 27% said NO. 

Is it dead or has it just been redefined? If we look at the role of the sales person it has changed considerably. In the blog post “Is B2B Telemarketing Dead?” they explain that “While telemarketing is by no means the same thing it was a decade ago, there is still a place for it, and if used correctly, it is capable of generating great returns. Achieving success through this tested customer acquisition channel, however, requires a comprehensive telemarketing plan, skilled callers and a robust communication systems”.

The shift is in the data gathering and planning before the call.  No longer can we take a yellow pages and phone cover to cover.  It is important to understand the difference between Telesales and Telemarketing. Telesales sells your services directly to customers over the phone, while Telemarketing generates interest, creating opportunities and arranging appointments over the phone.

So is telemarketing dead?

According to  “No, not by a long shot, and with the focus on marketing now leaning towards the data side of things, ensuring that your telemarketing campaign is strategic in its data collection is more important than ever.”



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