Remote Selling

How to use technology to engage, collaborate, and sell, when face-to-face interactions are limited


Remote Selling




This Sales 4.0 remote learning programme will provide you with a structured approach to how to use technology to close more sales.

Based on best practices applied by the world’s most successful sales teams, you will learn how to make more sales, more easily without having to leave your desk.








What you will learn:

There are six modules, delivered live via a Virtual Classroom, supported by self-study and 1-1 coaching

Create a compelling Value Proposition:

To stand out in the digital world you need messaging that resonates with your customers

Build a Professional Network:

Use LinkedIn to connect with potential customers. The ultimate prospecting tool is to be helpful

Use Video to get attention:

Video has become a powerful sales and marketing tool. Learn how to use videos to set you apart from your competitors

Make online meetings memorable:

Whether a conference call or webinar there are specific things you need to do to ensure interaction and have the necessary impact

How to present your solution online:

It is easy for participants to get overwhelmed when viewing a presentation or online demo. Here is how to fix that

Get commitment:

Persuasive language patterns you can use to help you close the sale