Persuasive Selling

  How to sell the way people buy



This advanced intensive workshop will show you how to boost your sales effectiveness by applying scientific breakthroughs in our understanding of human behaviour and how we make buying decisions


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:


·      Understand how the brain processes information and use that to your advantage


·      Motivate yourself for peak performance


·      Apply principles of persuasive communication – get people to respond to your calls


·      Build trust and rapport with your customers


·      Ask the right questions that will ultimately get your customer to commit to the solution you are offering


·      Present the solution in a way that is compelling and encourages commitment


·      Manage typical objections more effectively


·      Use persuasive language patterns to close more sales

The tools and techniques you will learn in this programme are built from scientific research. Salespeople who have attended the workshop experience shorter sales cycles, consistent growth in revenue and significant improvements in their levels of personal motivation.  




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