Account Management

How to make the move from transactional selling to providing solutions that deliver significant business value

Account Management


This workshop will provide you with a structured process to close more sales opportunities by keeping the focus on providing optimal value to your customers.


·        Understand your customers’ business requirements and provide insight into how they can improve their bottom line. (Vision)

·        Tailor the solution to your customer’s specific needs. (Business requirements definition)

·        Prove the value of the solution and evaluate the risk. (Business Case)

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

·      Research your customers’ needs and identify areas where you can provide a solution.

·      Increase opportunities through presenting business insight-based presentations

·      Use a structured process to understand your customer’s needs clearly

·      Qualify the opportunity to justify the investment.

·      Build an influence map and tailor your solution to all key stakeholders.

·      Present your solution in the form of a detailed business case.

·      Negotiate a mutually beneficial deal and manage any objections.


Ensure ongoing business by measuring value and identifying the next opportunity.




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